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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1885M3144
Collection:Applied Art - Porcelain
Date:1100 - 1299

Maker Information


The shape of this temple incense burner is based on an ancient bronze original. It is covered with the rich, unctuous celadon glaze produced in the kilns at Longquan in Southern China during the Song period. Chinese ware was highly regarded in Japan, where many examples still remain in Japanese collections. The soft grey-blue-green glaze is known by the Japanese name kinuta. The silver cover suggests that this piece, too, once formed part of a Japanese collection.

Presented by Mr John Feeney, 1885.

Further Information

Production Period:Southern Song Dynasty (1112-1279)
Medium:Stoneware, thrown, with a celadon glaze; cover, chased and pierced silver.
Place of Origin:Longquan, Japan


Diameter:12.6 cm