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Pencil Drawing - Perseus with the Head of Medusa

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1908P310
Collection:Fine Art Prints and Drawings
Date:1840 - 1905

Maker Information

Artist:Simeon Solomon - View biography for Simeon Solomon


The mythical hero Perseus beheaded the monstrous gorgon Medusa, whose gaze turned to stone anyone who looked at her. In Solomon's drawing the figure of Perseus, helmeted and with the artist's own addition of wings and a halo-like circle of light around his head, holds up the Medusa's head as a trophy. Rather than seeming triumphant, however, he shares the brooding and withdrawn melancholy of many of Solomon's late figures.

Presented by Cecil F. Crofton, 1908.

Further Information

Production Period:19th century
School/Style:Androgyny Mythology
Medium:Pencil on cream/grey paper.

Associated People


Height:272 mm
Width:287 mm