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Pencil Drawing - The Masque of Cupid - Final Portion, Part II

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1927P459
Collection:Fine Art Prints and Drawings
Date:1872 - 1872

Maker Information

Artist:Sir Edward Burne-Jones - View biography for Sir Edward Burne-Jones


A number of designs for this subject exist, taken from Edmund Spenser's 'Faerie Queen' (1590), Book III, Canto XII. Shortly after creating a number of designs in the early 1870s, Burne-Jones abandoned the project, only to take it up once again shortly before his death in 1898.

The figures are from left to right labelled by the artist as: Exitium, Metus, Infirmitas, Penuria and Luxuria. This drawing is taken from the lines: 'Consuming Riotise and guilty Dread/ Of heavenly vengaunce, faint Infirmity,/ Vile Poverty, and lastly Death with Infamy'.

Two pencil studies dating from 1872, are in the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Also extant is the entire scheme in watercolour, composed over a doorway, dating from 1898 and now in a private collection.

Bequeathed by James Richardson Holliday, 1927.

Further Information

Production Period:19th century
Medium:Pencil on tracing paper (now brown), laid down.

Associated People


Height:356 mm
Width:394 mm