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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1938A297
Collection:Antiquities - Classical Greek & Roman
Date:400 BC - 200 BC


The Greeks believed it barbaric to drink wine undiluted, vessels such as this hydria were used to hold water to dilute wine at feasts.Red-figure wares were special purpose vessels, not intended for everyday use. They would have been used at upper class drinking parties.This small hydria vase, made in red-ware style, is painted dark maroon colour. To one side is a naked and winged male figure, almost certainly Eros (the Greek God of Love), advancing to left and holding a bunch of grapes and a mirror.

Presented by Doctor J R Ratcliffe, 1938.

Further Information

Production Period:Greek: Sicilian
Place of Excavation:Calpis, Sicily


Height:23.7 cm
Diameter:17 cm