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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1950A95
Collection:Antiquities - Mediaeval
Date:15th century - 16th century


This pewter dish was found at Weoley Castle, Birmingham, and dates between 1300-1400.It is made from high quality pewter, which only contains a little bit of lead. It was probably made in London, where the best English pewter was made.Pewter dishes were expensive, so only the better off could afford them. Most people used vessels made of wood or pottery. Although this dish looks dull and tarnished now, it would originally have been scoured with fine sand and oil and then buffed with soft leather so that it shone like silver.

Found during excavations at Weoley Castle, 1932.

Further Information

Production Period:Mediaeval
Place of Excavation:Weoley Castle, Warwickshire, England


Diameter:188 mm