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Pulque Cup

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1951A248
Collection:Antiquities - Central America
Date:1350 - 1500


Pulque was the only alcoholic drink which the Aztecs had. It was made by fermenting the juice of the maguey cactus (Agave species).It was only drunk on ritual and ceremonial occasions, and perhaps then only by a selected few, as it was considered to be a sacred potion. It was consumed in moderation and drunkenness was not tolerated unless, it seems, you were over 50 years old. The maguey cactus was a useful plant. The fibres from its leaves were woven into cloth and its spines were used as needles.

Purchased from J Pyke.

Further Information

Production Period:Aztec
Place of Origin:Ahuizotla, Mexico
Place of Excavation:Pyramid
Ahuizotla, Mexico


Height:137 mm