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Pot Lid

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1954A156
Collection:Antiquities - Prehistory
Date:6500 BC - 4000 BC


This lid from a vessel is modelled in the shape of a head and has incised decoration. Some people see it as a stylized human while others argue that it is an animal, possibly a cat or owl.The important Neolithic site of Vinca is near Belgrade. It was excavated in the late 1920's. These excavations were sponsored by Sir Charles Hyde, proprietor of the Birmingham Post, which is why we have some of the finds from the site in Birmingham. We are the only museum in Britain to have material from Vinca.

Presented by Sir Charles Hyde Bt, 1954.

Further Information

Production Period:Neolithic (8000 BC-5000 BC)
Place of Excavation:6.5-6.9 m
Vinca, Yugoslavia


Height:17 cm
Width:14 cm
Depth:12 cm