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Mediaeval Groat of Henry VI

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1963C767
Collection:Antiquities - Ancient & Mediaeval Coins
Date:1420 c - 1420 c

Maker Information

Manufacturer:Calais Mint - View history


This coin was called a 'groat'. It was worth 4 silver pennies. Calais was captured by King Edward III in 1347 and stayed in English hands until the French recaptured it in 1558. When this groat was issued an average day's pay for a skilled worker was 6 pennies, so this coin equals two-thirds of a day's pay. In today's terms we can think of it as equivalent to a 50 note. To put it another way, you could have bought 4 gallons (32 pints) of ale with this coin.

Purchased from David Harkness, 1963.

Further Information

Reign:King Henry VI
Production Period:Mediaeval
Place of Origin:Calais, France

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Diameter:26 mm