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19th Century Proof Penny / Soho Mint, Birmingham

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1969N921
Collection:Coins & Medals
Date:1806 - 1806

Maker Information

Mint:Soho Mint - View history


The Soho Mint produced 19,355,480 copper pennies during 1806, which swelled the nation's money supply. By 1808 the market had become flooded; workers at Soho were being paid in this coinage which in turn found it's way to local traders and complaints were made.
Although the Soho Mint had assumed it would continue to produce copper coinage even when the Royal Mint was in full production, permission was refused in 1809.

Purchased from the Executors of C W Peck.

Further Information

Reign:King George III
Production Period:Georgian
Material(s):Copper alloy
Denomination:1d - penny
Currency:Great Britain
Place of Origin:Birmingham, Staffordshire, England

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Diameter:34 mm