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Figurine - God of Peace

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1973A799
Collection:Ethnography - North America
Date:1900 c - 1900 c

Maker Information

Maker:Pueblo - View history


The sparkly appearance of this figure comes from the amount of mica (a shiny mineral) present in the clay. This type of clay is found only in certain parts of New Mexico so it is easy to tell where the potter got her raw material from. Pottery figures have been a part of the traditions of storytelling in native North American Indian culture in New Mexico for centuries. Animals, birds and caricatures of outsiders and, more recently, of images of mothers and grandfathers telling stories and singing to children have all been used to illustrate local legends and moral tales.

Purchased from Birmingham University Medical School.

Further Information

Place of Origin:Rio Veseque, New Mexico, United States of America


Height:185 mm