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Hawk Coffin Lid

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1975A44
Collection:Antiquities - Ancient Egypt


This is the lid from a coffin which was made to hold the mummy of a hawk or falcon, the sacred animal of the sky god Horus.In the later periods of Egyptian history many people paid homage to the gods they worshipped by offering mummified specimens of their sacred animal to their temple. Richer members of society could afford to have elaborate coffins made in which the animal mummies were presented to the priests. The practice of offering animal mummies was very popular as shown by the temple of the god Thoth at Saqqara, the subterranean tunnels of which contain over 3 million ibis mummies.

Presented by the Egypt Exploration Fund, 1975.

Further Information

Production Period:Late Period
Place of Origin:Sakkara, Egypt
Place of Excavation:H5-2790
Sakkara, Egypt


Height:450 mm
Width:300 mm
Depth:160 mm