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Mediaeval Silver Esterlin of Flanders

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1981C1
Collection:Antiquities - Ancient & Mediaeval Coins
Date:1280 - 1305


Gui de Dampierre was the Count of Flanders, roughly the western part of modern Belgium. Gui and his neighbours in the Low Countries regularly copied English coins.Some of their coins were just forgeries; some were very closely modelled on English coins, while others were simply influenced by English designs. On Gui's coin there is a bare head rather than a crowned, facing bust, like on the English coins. However the reverse of the coin is very close to the English design. Sometimes these coins travelled to England and the English called coins with bare-headed busts 'pollards' ('poll' meaning 'head').English pennies were called sterlings and 'esterlin' is French for sterling.

Purchased from C J Martin (Coins) Ltd, 1981.

Further Information

Reign:Count Gui de Dampierre
Production Period:Mediaeval
Currency:Low Countries

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Diameter:19 mm