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Ink Drawing - Garretts Green Farm Yardley - Based on Garretts Green Farm Yardley

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Arthur Lockwood

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1995V145
Collection:Topographical Views - Lockwood Collection
Date:1944 - 1944

Maker Information

Artist:Frank Taylor Lockwood - View biography for Frank Taylor Lockwood


Lockwood sketched and painted both rural and urban landscapes, sketching mainly on location but occasionally working from photographs. Once he found a subject he liked he would often paint many different views. This is especially helpful to the historian as it can give a three-dimensional picture of what an area once looked like.A group of watercolours painted around the 1930s and 40s focused on Garretts Green Farm, in Yardley.31st July 1937'...I went out sketching and stayed until dusk. Garretts Green Lane, the old farm at the road junction near the signpost.'12th July 1938'We set out for another long tour in to the country, Arthur in his pram of course. We turned up the road the directly faces the old farm that is rapidly demolished by boys, it has been empty for some time now'.4th August 1938'I have done some sketching everyday this week, my subjects have all been a farm at Garretts Green Lane, the far end. An old farm that I have often desired to sketch, infact on two occasions I have drawn a picture out, and then felt I has no more at them, except rub them out. But this week I got some new view points and think they will turn out well.5th AugustAnother hot day went out sketching again to the farm'.21st August'Sketching at Garretts Green farm, lovely morning when I set off but some thunder...'28th April 1939'At Mr Huxtalles suggestion I took a number of pictures to Bournville with a view that a selection may show some that may possibly be of use as chocolate boxes. I took Meridan, thatched cottage (approx1936), Shellys Cottage Lynmouth * (1929), Mars Hill Lynmouth* (1929), Garretts Green Farm*(1939) Path Through fields from Stetchford (1937), Lyndon Green Farm (1936).The whole group was generally liked, but the ones most favoured are those I have marked with a cross*. It was suggested that I add a few more flowers, brighten up the flowers generally in all of them, and generally make them more 'chocolate-boxy' looking.Mr Paul Cadbury r...ed to join the group that was considering the sketches and I am told he liked them'.9th May'The 3 pictures have now been handed over and accepted by Cadbury Bros, with all rights of reproduction.' Extracts from the diaries of Frank Taylor Lockwood.

Presented by Arthur Lockwood and Jean Barnsby.

Further Information

Production Period:20th century
Medium:Ink on board.

Associated Places

Associated Organisations


Height:270 mm
Width:205 mm