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Watercolour - Inner Ring Road Bell Street / Worcester Street - Making Way for The Inner Ring Road

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Arthur Lockwood

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1995V47
Collection:Topographical Views - Lockwood Collection
Date:1959 - 1959

Maker Information

Artist:Frank Taylor Lockwood - View biography for Frank Taylor Lockwood


'Mr Ernest Marples, the Minister of Transport will preside at a happy event in Birmingham tomorrow - the birth of a very special new road, the first section of the fabulous Inner Ring Road.' Extract from the Birmingham Mail March 10th 1960Birmingham's inner ring road was the first of its kind. The scheme was to link 12 other proposed arterial highways, designed to ease up congestion of Birmingham's busy streets. A combination of flyovers and underpasses were designed to enable traffic and pedestrians to inhabit the same areas.Today much of the inner ring road has changed. Many of the pedestrian underpasses have been replaced with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings and some of the biggest changes have been to the road its self. Currently under regeneration Masshouse Circus, part of the Inner Ring road had now been demolished and is being replaced with a new road network.

Presented by Arthur Lockwood and Jean Barnsby.

Further Information

Production Period:20th century
School/Style:Birmingham Topographic
Medium:Watercolour on board.

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Height:321 mm
Width:493 mm