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Woodblock - Dalziels' Bible Gallery - Jewish Women burning Incense

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:2006.1040.70
Collection:Fine Art Prints and Drawings
Date:1862c - 1862c

Maker Information

After a design by:Simeon Solomon - View biography for Simeon Solomon
Engraver:Dalziel Brothers - View history


This woodblock was originally engraved for an illustration to be used in the 'Dalziels' Bible Gallery' (pub. 1881). However, it was not included in the original book. It was ultimately published in 1894 when it appeared in 'Art Pictures from the Old Testament,' a new version of the 'Bible Gallery' with an accompanying text and additional illustrations. The design on this woodblock loosely depicts Jeremiah chapter 44, verses 15-30. In this passage the prophet Jeremiah warns the people of Judah that they have angered the Lord by burning incense in devotion to other gods, and will be punished. Solomon shows the women taking part in the ritual which angered God. He later used the two women in the foreground as the focus for a watercolour entitled 'In the Temple of Vesta' (1862, private collection). As suggested by the change in title they become Roman, rather than Jewish, women.

Acquired through the Executors of J N Hart, c.1965.

Further Information

Production Period:19th century
Medium:Engraved boxwood block.


Height:163 mm
Width:119 mm
Depth:23 mm