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Random Objects

Here are some objects from the BMAGiC collections shown at random. Every time you visit or refresh this page a new set of random objects will be displayed.
Click on each of the pictures below to find out more about each object.
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Photogravure from The Work of Edward Burne-Jones - St George Series - The King's Daughter or The Princess in the Garden |Pencil Drawing - Mary Magdalene at the Door of Simon the Pharisee - Study for the young Beggar |Pencil Drawing - A Huguenot - Study of Figures |Book - The Fairy Family - A Series of Ballads & Metrical Tales Illustrating the Fairy Faith of Europe |Pencil Drawing, Page from Sketchbook - Sketchbook - Studies of Andromeda for The Rock of Doom |Chalk and Pencil Drawing, Page from Sketchbook - Sketchbook - Nude Study of Medusa for 'The Death of Medusa I' |Handbag |Oil Painting - Handsworth - View of Handsworth |Watercolour - Main Street, San Stefano, Abruzzi. |Pen and Ink Drawing - The Death of Romeo and Juliet - Compositional Study |Photograph - Jane Morris reclining on a Divan |Headrope Aqal |Socketed Gouge |Commemorative Medal - Maundy Ceremony, Birmingham, 1989 |Photograph - Handsworth Self-Portrait - Couple II |Photogravure from The Work of Edward Burne-Jones - The Merciful Knight |Etching and Drypoint - The Death of the Virgin |Chalk Drawing - Helen and Cassandra - Female Nude - Study of the two Figures |Watercolour - A Saint of the Eastern Church (formerly called A Greek Acolyte) |Muffineer |

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