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Random Objects

Here are some objects from the BMAGiC collections shown at random. Every time you visit or refresh this page a new set of random objects will be displayed.
Click on each of the pictures below to find out more about each object.
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Pencil Drawing - Medallion Head of a Sybil |Handbag |19th Century Commemorative Medal, Enlargement of Birmingham Town Hall |Oil Painting - La Patrie |Pencil Drawing - Study of a Dog |Hair Ornament |Pencil Drawing - Cupid and Psyche - Sketch for Jupiter's Eagle bearing Water from the Black Mountain |Snuff Bottle and Stopper |Watercolour - Cupid and Psyche - Study for the Palace Green Mural - Psyche's Sisters visit her at Cupid's House |Pot - Smokefired Vessel |Chalk Drawing - Wycliffe Reading his Translation of the Bible - Study for Head of Constance |Watercolour - The Night Train |Pen and Ink Drawing - A Huguenot - Compositional Study |Pencil Drawing - Tennyson's The Talking Oak - Sketch of The tiring of the Bride |Necklace |Marble Sculpture - Paolo and Francesca |Stela  - Seated Figure of Boddhisattva |Oil Painting - The Piazza of Saint Mark's, Venice |Washing Bat |

See more random objects

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