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Greek Tetradrachm of Antiochus VII, Syria

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1920C318
Collection:Antiquities - Ancient & Mediaeval Coins
Date:138 BC - 129 BC


The classical portrait on the obverse of this tetradrachm coin echoes that of Alexander the Great, although it dates from the reign of Antiochus VII, some 200 years later. From 138 to 129 BC, he ruled a kingdom approximating modern-day Syria.The reverse design shows the goddess Athena, with helmet, spear and shield; on her outstretched hand is a tiny figure of Victory, holding a wreath.The reverse inscription translates as 'Of Antiochus the Benevolent'.

Bequeathed by Mr Albert Phillips.

Further Information

Reign:Antiochus VII of Syria
Production Period:2nd century BC
Denomination:Tetradrachm - 4 drachm


Height:29 mm